Business Coaching

One on one business coaching. This is for Business owners starting a new business or who has an existing business and desire to take business to the next level. This service is for Internet as well as traditional businesses from the mom and pops to corporations. Mardy will analyze where you are currently, your goals,as well as the market and will show and assist you in getting where you desire to be. This is structured based upon your individual needs.

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Success/Mindset Coaching

If positive reinforcement is what you need, Mardy will assist you in staying on track. Understanding the psychology of success and the importance of certain principals that lead to true success in life, relationships, business, sports or school Mardy will help you tap into the wealth of resources you may never thought you possessed. His coaching has helped some athletes go to the next level in their games, business owners to the next level in vision for their corporations, and team leaders to the next level taking themselves and their teams to a higher plateau of success.

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Marketing and Promotions

Call today and see how MD Eger & Associates award winning stellar marketing team can take your business to where you desire. This dream team of talented individuals are specialists in niche markets of all types, ranging from the everyday business to mega corporations to sporting events and teams.

Using cutting edge methods designed specifically for your category and needs, your campaigns are guaranteed to net the desired results which are driven by facts of

  1. Retention after the success and maintaining is important so we have various programs and plans that are tailored to your specific needs.
  2. what your goals are
  3. what your audience and or clients need and want,
  4. How to attract your audience and market and get them to react or do that which want of them and most importantly
  5. How to agressively get your customers, clients or fans to support,and spend more revenues with your company or organization.
Motivational Speaker/Trainer

As an electrifying speaker and motivator, Mardy captivates audiences as he inspires, motivates, and trains all in one setting. For an unforgettable life changing experience for you, your team, sales force, staff, or event Mardy Eger is a must have.
He will leave all that attend with long lasting substance that will impact their lives for years to come.

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Personal Success
Learn how to set and achieve your short and long term goals.
Time Management
Learn how to make better use of your limited time.
How to get more done, faster and easier, and have more time off for your family and personal life.
Speaking Success
Speak with confidence and authority.
Learn to influence and persuade others using only your words.
Individual 1 On 1 Coaching
One-on-one coaching to fine tune your personal growth.
One-on-one coaching to fine tune your business growth.
Increase Your Sales
Mardy Eger will help you to become a true sales success. You will learn the skills you need to increase your prospects, get more appointments, drive more traffic to your web sites, close and convert more online and offline sales, and put more money in your pocket.
Sales Success
Get more prospects, Get prospects to say yes, close more sales, and make more money.

Create Your Wealth
Mardy Eger will teach you the true path to financial success. You will learn proven techniques to build your wealth, to double your income, to put your money to work for you, and to become financially secure.

Entrepreneurial Success
Start, build, manage, or turn around any business.

Financial Success
Learn how to make better use of your limited time and earn more money.
Learn how to build wealth, double your income, and build a financial fortress.
Grow Your Business
Mardy Eger will teach you to grow your business bigger and faster. You will learn how to start, build, manage, or turn-around any business, faster and easier than you ever thought possible.
Entrepreneurial Success

Learn to successfully start, build, manage, or turn around any business , traditional or non traditional, Internet or non Internet.

Management Success
Learn to lead your team to maximum results, get the results you need, and take your career to the next level. Learn how to build massive teams. Learn how to build successful leaders that will lead and build for you a massive empire.

Corporate building Programs

Train your team to sell more product, increase your profits, become more efficient, and become a winning team whether you're starting a business, looking for a business or have an existing business Mardy Eger can and will help you. mlm, marketing, direct marketing, Internet marketing, inside or out side sales, he will help you in the areas of development, personal development, business development, teams development, it doesn't matter Mardy Eger is your #1 choice to take you and your business to the next level he will lead and guide you through the process to success!

Private Boot Camp
The Mardy Eger Private Bootcamps are like non other, Here you will experience in a private setting, the daily activities that have made Mardy a success. These are normally held at his private home in North Carolina.

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