The firm specializes in the practice of intellectual property law and provides all services related to patents, design, trademark, copyright including enforcement of intellectual property rights, and general client counseling relative to the protection of intellectual property rights. We provide a comprehensive range of search and watching services. We handle the payment of renewal fees and attend to various working requirements. We provide services in filing statement regarding the working of the patented invention and ensure the best and timely completion.

Our strength lies in the skills, knowledge and experience. The member of the firm are registered patent agents and advocates having large experience in the practice of all aspects of intellectual property law, from analysis of novelty, infringement, validity to preparing and prosecuting domestic and foreign patent, trademark and copyright applications, relative to the protection of intellectual property rights. We provide with global strategy to protect the value of assets such as brand names, designs and inventions to secure and control the use of your Intellectual property rights. We work through a global network to ensure that your rights are protected in any country where you have a major presence.

Our aim is to provide workable advice and cost-effective assistance to our clients. We work together for the success of our clients and conduct business with integrity and build strong relationships with the clients. Our policies are very simple and we believe and communicate with honesty and clarity. We make every effort to work better together and ensure that the clients get best quality of legal services.

We understand that each client has different requirements which may vary. Our practice aims to the best benefit of the client’s requirements. Our team is expertise in developing an IP strategy as per your commercial interest and act proactively to your requirements. For some clients, we act as complete in-house department. We value the commercial interest, meet the inventors directly and complete the project in accordance with the instructions and well within the specified time.