Mardy MD Eger is a Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker,Trainer and Mentor who has helped countless numbers of people and businesses worldwide achieve their goals. Mardy has propelled to the top of several companies as top earner, top trainer, top builder and mentor. After a stellar and record breaking career as a top seven figure earner in the industry, As a high in demand business coach and trainer Mardy has coached and assisted several business owners take their businesses to the next level exploding into multi million dollars in revenues.

Mardy also has mentored and coached many of the who's who list of successful marketers in the industry assisting them to propel their numbers and team growth to the next level. Many top earners and mentors have dubbed him as the mentor to the mentors.

Mardy's no non sense approach and versitility has touched the lives of thousands worldwide, as he delivers practical yet powerful principals to build and enhance any business whether traditional or non traditional. In addition, Mardy has helped several business owners turn their failing business around increasing their bottom line 1000 % and more. His coaching and mentoring also has helped start ups,seasoned pros as well as newbies in business online and offline.

His company MD Eger & Associates and Mardy Eger International, offers a wide range of services catering to the mega fortune 500 companies and organizations in every genre imagineable. Even though his thriving, highly successful and heavily sought after services and business have gained massive attention from the majors, his firm still services the moms and pops as well that are looking to grow and go to that next level. Staffed with some of the most qualified and talented individuals in the industry no stone will go unturned as every single aspect of marketing and growth will be implemented to give you and your business the upper hand on your competitors.
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